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Sorry. I am poor at foreign language. Then there is only keywords list.

My software

pag1 series ( color reduction software )

pag1 tetrahedron ver0.87 for Windows3.1J

pag1min3.dll : Windows DLL

pag1min3 caller : sample program for Win95

qualitst : DOS tool to test quality of color reduced image


Date of Birth database 7000


TSP ( Traveling Salesman Problem ) : it can solve same algorithm as reduce colors

AIC ( Akaike's Information Criterion ) :

pag1 tetrahedron can make hi-fi 256 colors image

optimized palette

histogram : pag1teto use each 8 bit 3D histogram .

FSP95 Free Software Prize '95 development support tool part

for Web Designers : If you using Photoshop class reduce algorithm when you make GIF images , you can reduce file size by using pag1 series without reduce quality  .

for CD-ROM Authors : More than 60 CD-ROMs are include images which reduced color by pag1 tetrahedron already.

for 3D CD Animators when texture mapping : for example Windows Playstation SEGA Saturn Arcade Games . 

reduce colors algorithm

limitation colors

color quantumization

patent pending

Many tools use 4bit resolution 3D histogram for each R,G,B value . But pag1 tetrahedron use 8bit resolution 3D histogram . Because my color division algorithm is faster than other algorithms .

I will apply this algorithm for vector quantization , computer vision , general learning engine .

now I developing new software which convert raster image to  MACROMEDIA Flash format vector image with gradation.  grant from TAO

about me

My name is MATSUOKA , Hajime .

My handle name is Datura

My mail address is or  mha00103@nifty.ne.jp

I married with Shizu (Susie) TAKEDA at 97/10/5 .

My baby's name is NINA . she born at 1999/1/8

1961/2/15 : my date of birth

old address : Softopia Japan Center Build. incubation room 904
1-7,Kagano 4 chome

address : Sunny Hills 318, 14-3 , maruyamadai 3-chome
Wako-shi , SAITAMA , 351-0112   JAPAN

genealogy . 

morphing : I made morphing program in 1988 for TV Asahi 's program .


232,shimonoda , shikama-ku ,Himeji city

HYOGO , 672-8044 JAPAN


pag1teto is shareware costs 5,000 yen .


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